How I Dress

Clothing is many things including a source of expression, personalization, and a statement of values. Whether it is a monk in robes or a skater in designer threads, a message is sent. These messages communicate who one is and how they wish to be seen.

In my clothing choices I often choose not to be seen and more importantly not to be judged based solely on my outer wrapping. I avoid clothing with any type of images, words, or brands on it. I do not dress up, but I do not wear rags either. My clothes are usually clean and never torn.

Unlike many self professed "minimalists" I enjoy a flourish of color here and there. Yes, many of my garbs are in the black to gray area of the color wheel...but they are often accented with greens, oranges, reds, yellows, and blues. I almost never were tans, browns, or beige.

I don't count my clothes, but all of my clothing will fit in a carry-on bag. Well, all of it that really matters, I have some items which I only wear at work...that I would love to burn. I used to have a four drawer dresser, two drawers were empty.

This ethic is one part history combined with one part choice. When I was young I didn't have much in the way of clothes. My mother would take me to Kmart and the discount shoe store once a year. My entire wardrobe for the year came from that trip combined with whatever was left over from previous years. No more than hundred dollars was spent total. I continued this conditioning into adulthood, but for a time I tried having more, and found it overwhelming.

I don't cheap out like I used to, but I also keep very little. I could do with less, but I don't really see why I should. At the same time I never stress about what to wear because I usually only have one choice. It is very comforting that something as basic as getting dressed causes me almost no stress at all.