How I Eat

Growing up food was a challenge for me, I would often get sick eating seemingly normal things that bothered no one else. Worse still, my "typical American diet" created a challenging relationship with food that I am still trying to work out to this day.

My issues became so bad that I nearly had surgery at the ripe old age of 20. At the last moment I sought a second opinion and the result was the discovery that a major source of my issues centered around my inability to digest dairy...of which my diet had lots of at the time. Combined with a GERD medication life became more than bareable for the first time in years. I am eternally grateful to that doctor who took the time to really talk out my issues with me.

Over the years I would learn new things and make more changes, each time having some success. I have been a dairy and egg free vegetarian now for more than a decade and my good days far out weigh my bad ones.

The flip side of this is that I eat too much junk food. I love salty and sweet. I order chinese too often and some times I simply eat way too much. My inability to control my food cravings is one of the few things I have had little success with addressing. I grew up in a home where dinner regularly came from a can, a single bowl of cearl had a weeks worth of sugar in it, and where high colorie snack were always within reach. I do good in fits and starts...but I am living proof that you can steadily gain weight on a plant based diet. The upshot is I'd probably be worse off if I wasn't a vegetarian.

In recent months I have tried to get a regular workout routine started and have contrained my budget to prevent binging on junk food. I figure I might be more motivated by the money I spend than anything else. Here is hoping.