Four Questions: How I Make Decisions

When making decisions I always ask myself four questions:

1. How does this improve my life?

I believe everything that enters my life is either a positive, negative, or neutral force. If I have a choice, I always choose a positive force.

2. Are negative emotions a motivator?

Guilt, fear, anger, sadness, and regret are the kinds of emotions to overcome. Allowing negative emotions to guide decisions will only lead to more negative emotions.

3. How could I re-appropriate the time spend on this elsewhere?

Something may improve my life and be in my life for positive motivates, but thinking about what else is possible may diminish this value. This may open doors to new opportunities. I find this question prevents "autopilot decisions".

4. If something out of my control made this decision for me, would I be better off?

Sometimes the act of actually deciding is a barrier and if it were gone we may act very differently. Realizing that the decision itself is a barrier can help to push through it.