Focus Through Essentialism

We live in an age of abundance that serves as both an indicator of the good we can do and the harm we can cause. Abundance is a form of privilege that is often taken for granted. In my daily life I seek not to do this. I instead want to live simply, use minimally, and not waste. Through focusing on only what is most essential I hope to improve my quality of life while also freeing up resources for those who need them more than I.


I am an atheist. For me this term is not as complicated as many make it. God, Religion, Faith, and Dogma have no place in my life and I have no desire to spend anymore time considering it. For me religion also flags in the face of my pacifism since I believe it has done more tangible harm to the planet and mankind than the good. I also make no effort to "take back" secular social pastimes with religious origins, for example I do not celebrate holidays with religious roots.

Minimize Harm

Humans often move through this world in an oblivious manner to what harm they are causing, I am no different. Through the ideals of pacifism and vegetarianism I seek to mitigate as much harm as possible while being open to learning new ways to address this issue as well.

Individuals Over Institutions,

Whether it be through social groups like co-ops, protest movements, or activities it is clear that the closer an institution is to the people it serves the better for all involved. Today the world has become so big and yet those seeking smallness have thrived. I am with them.